Episode 7

Are You Turning Your Misguided Thoughts Into False Beliefs?

Are we driving ourselves insane thinking thoughts that are not based in truth?  We all make shit up, even right now you have an inner dialog going on.  In this episode, we will take a closer look at our beliefs and how they dictate our patterns of behavior.

About the Host:

Jani Roberts is the Owner of Alignment Essentials, a health and wellness company spanning the fitness, self-improvement, and mindfulness spaces. She is the creator of the Warrior® Workout, Moving Meditations™, Inspirational Conversations™ and all of the Alignment Essentials programming content. In addition, Jani is an International best-selling author of the book, Navigating the Clickety-Clack, How to Live a Peace-Filled Life in a Seemingly Toxic World.

Jani has over 40 years of experience in the health and wellness field. She owned and operated a large gym franchise in Florida, as well as a boutique studio for several years where she specialized in health and wellness related services, products, preventative health education, personal training, small group fitness classes, private nutrition and health coaching.

She has literally trained hundreds of thousands of instructors around the world, and she was the featured choreographer and performer on numerous training DVDs. She has presented for dozens of large Health and Wellness brands such Nike, and Adidas. She holds several certifications through ACE, AFAA and NASM.

Jani travels extensively as a speaker and presenter sharing her Alignment Essentials wellness tools and helping people find more joy in their lives and is currently training at the Shamanic Institute of Healing. 




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Jani Roberts:

What? Life isn't supposed to suck. Get out of here. Life is supposed to be good for me? I don't think so. Truth? Did you know that you have the power to create your own reality? True? Did you know that you can live the life that you've always desired? Holy? That's right. And that's why we're here. Are you ready? Unless you're on Joy overload, you've come to the right place, it's time to get out of your own way and start creating more of what you want, and less of what you don't end up with the excuses. I'm your host, Jani Roberts, let's do this.

Jani Roberts:

We are back and here to talk about patterns of belief, aka insanity. These patterns of belief that we have come to own and experience are making us a bit crazy. Why? Because our thoughts, these thoughts that we've been having over and over and over again, have turned into beliefs. And these beliefs that most of the time, for most of us simply are not true. It's just shit we're making out, have turned into resulted in patterns of behavior. Let me give you an example. Somebody tells you your entire life that you are not smart enough to achieve what you want to achieve. You're not well educated enough to do it. You have to go through X, Y, and Z in order to be qualified enough to do you fill in the blank. So you regardless the fact that you have this incredible passion, and this gut feeling that it's what you should do, you move on and you simply do something else, you distract yourself with something because you can't seem to find your way to the truth to your truth, and patterns of behavior begin what are they? I procrastinate, because guess what, I'm not doing what I was supposed to do. Not coming here doing what I was intended to do. I'm doing something else, because I had this belief system around the fact that I'm not smart enough, not educated enough, I just don't meet the requirements. I can't do it. So this pattern of procrastination is all about that. And I don't even know it. Now, I'm just labeled with being a procrastinator. And I think, hmm, I used to feel like I was kind of person that it just got stuff done. When I felt like I needed to get it done. I didn't push it to the bottom of the list. I didn't bury it somewhere and just pretend it'll take care of itself. And now I do that.

Jani Roberts:

So here's the deal. Why do you really do that not because you're a procrastinator, because you're not in intention. You're not doing what you know, you want to do, you have these desires, either to learn a certain practice or type of work that you're drawn to. But this belief is standing in the way. Now, we talked last week about beliefs, so you guys get it. And if you didn't join us for that, just go back and listen, no big deal. And get up to speed on this because there's a direct connection, thoughts, to beliefs to patterns of behavior. So here we go. Now, this is the foundation of our work. And as we move forward, and we have lots of guests on and additional conversations. During our podcast, this foundation of what we're talking about with thoughts, beliefs, and patterns of behavior is foundational to all of it. So really key for all of us. So I want you to grab that piece of paper, you know, you got to do it. Let's get real. Let's get down and dirty. Let's do the work. What are some of the patterns of behavior that you find yourself doing? What is it? Now keep it simple. You might be like, I don't know what you're talking about. You got to clear it up for me. Okay, so when you get up in the morning, what's your pattern? Do you pull the covers over your head and hit snooze six times? I don't know. I'm not judging. There's no judgment here.

Jani Roberts:

There's no right or wrong. You can't get it wrong. What are your patterns, I like to get up early. I tend to have a cup of tea and pet my cat and just chill and think about my day. Maybe I'm thinking about what I really wish I was going to be doing all day and then what I'm going to be doing all day. That's okay. It's a pattern. We simply need at this point to identify what the patterns are. I get up I immediately have a cup of coffee, I get up I immediately throw my running shoes on and hit the door. I get up and I grabbed my favorite blanket and beverage and I chill. I sit with a book whatever it is, what are my patterns on the way to work if I work from home? How does that what does that look like? I get dressed from the waist up because I work from home. I completely get dressed. My life is casual. I go that way. Identify it, be specific. Get right down into it. What are your ritual? OLS when I get to work, I always do this. When I, when I'm at work, I always do this, and at work could be taking care of my kids, okay? Whatever that is for you, whatever that looks like throughout the day, I'm not working, okay? What are your patterns, you still have them, you might not realize it. But when you start to really pay attention to how you feel, right, our number one teaching here, nothing is more important than that you feel good.

Jani Roberts:

When you start to really pay attention to how you feel, your patterns will become obvious. And you'll feel how they make you feel. So I have a pattern I like to cook every night I come home, or most evenings I come home from work, and I create a ritual around creating a meal, because that's what I like to do. I pour myself a glass of wine, I drink that glass of wine, well, I'm creating this beautiful masterpiece, and it could be a simple salad. Okay, but it's all about the pattern. And it's all about how you feel when you're doing it. You do it because it makes you feel good. Or I'm like pulling something frozen out of the freezer going, throwing it in the microwave, getting it done that way, you know what? Patterns, don't judge it, don't get stuck and go, Oh, man, I really shouldn't be eating that. Or, Oh, what am I going to have tonight, it's like pulling out an old photo album for those of us who know what that is. And it's really the same on your phone, you know how it is when you start going back through the months and the years. And all of a sudden, you're like, oh, my gosh, I've been looking at my photographs for an hour, or 10 we get caught up in it. So stay with me here really make this list? What are my basic patterns throughout the day? What do I do before I go to bed? Do I fall into bed? What are my patterns, think about it, and then go back over that list. And most importantly, how do each of those patterns make you feel so if part of your pattern is I go to a job that I don't love, but offers incredible health insurance, pay attention to how that makes you feel because you go there five days a week, or you go to your computer in your home five days a week to do that job that you don't necessarily love but offers you great health insurance? How does that make you feel? So we look at the patterns. And then we look at how the patterns make us feel. And there's gonna be some really juicy good feeling stuff in here. This is not by any means going to not feel good across the board.

Jani Roberts:

Absolutely, you will find some things that that take you from a feeling of loss, or perhaps frustration or doubt, to feelings of joy and contentment and self confidence. They're all in there. And there's some sifting and sorting this could take you a little time. But it's fun. Because here's the deal, guys, by doing this exercise, you begin to identify the patterns of behavior, and the fact that they come from certain beliefs. So you put them down, you identify how each one makes you feel. And then here's the question for you. Why do I do that? What is it about that pattern? Why do I think I have to do that every day? If it makes me feel good, I can still look at why part of the reason because it makes me feel good. Part of the other reason it's necessary. It's part of my personal hygiene, or my personal spiritual practice. It creates contentment for me, there's benefits in it for me, but you've got to look at why the why is going to identify whether or not the pattern of behavior is actually serving you, you might be unsure, there might be some that kind of sit in the neutral. And that neutral vibe, you know, and and you're like, kind of sometimes they do kind of sometimes they don't. That's okay, we'll sort it as we go. But we need to know, Okay, this one.

Jani Roberts:

I don't know why I do that. Because I don't feel good when I do it. But for some reason I just keep doing it. It's just become a pattern, no big deal. We can change our patterns of behaviors, a behavior, how do we do that? How do we change a pattern of behavior? I mean, we have a lot of them, right? So how do we begin identify them, and then we look at the belief that they're connected to. So I brush my teeth before I go to bed every night because I believe that that's going to keep me out of that dentist that dentist's chair and I don't find a lot of joy there. So I do a lot of a lot of that hygiene at night and in the morning because I know it will serve me easy breezy. Okay, but some of these are going to get a little stickier are going to get a little stickier. Why do I always watch shows that are really violent? Or? Well, I watch a lot of television. I wonder what else it is I could be doing with my time? Why do I feel stuck to do that? Why don't I feel like throwing some clothes on and heading out the door for a walk or to meet somebody for a drink? Or why am I kind of hiding in my apartment? We all do it? No judgment. This is this is where you got to be careful. Don't get stuck judging your patterns. Just observe. Take some deep breaths when it feels like it's getting sticky and show yourself some compassion. Be easy about this be light about it, laugh about it. There should be some pretty funny ones that you bump into. Like I didn't realize but like twice a week I, I'll leave it, I'll leave you to fill in the blank there, whatever it is, we just need to know we need to be consciously aware of what it is we're doing. Because that is absolutely without a doubt, directly connected to what we're experiencing.

Jani Roberts:

So if we want to change, or, you know, tweak what we're experiencing in our lives, we've got to follow the roadmap, we, we got to, we got to pick up on the evidence, you know, this is why without a question, this is why we're experiencing what we're experiencing. If I find myself, you know, in social media for long periods of time throughout the day, and it's not bringing me joy, why am I doing that? And I'm not saying it has to bring you joy 100% of the time. But if it's not bringing you joy, or something close to joy, at least 90% of the time, why are you doing it? Maybe like dating someone who just annoys you the entire time you're dating them? That's a pattern. Why am I doing that? Do I not? I probably done it more than once I probably see a pattern in the people that I date, or I choose to have relationships with friendships, what have you. Why do I keep picking those ones? What are those ones keep showing up? Interesting. That's a pattern. I'd like to change that pattern, no problem. We can do that. We'll do it by changing your beliefs around who you feel. You one want to be around? How do you know? How does it make you feel? Nothing's more important than that. You feel good. So there's layers here, guys, there's a lot of layers. And we're going to work our way through them. Why do I keep landing jobs that leave me in complete frustration, when I know I have so much passion around, I could go to school while I'm working. I could do it online, I could do a little bit of it. And I think about it and I say to myself, I should do that. I could do that. I have time, I could make the time. I know I don't feel like I have the time. But there's always time when I want to find the time I find the time to do things that you know, are life altering, like watch my favorite TV show or sit in a coffee shop for a while those are all good and fine and no problem. But I could give up a little bit of that if I really wanted this. So what's stopping me what's in my way, this is magic. And you're going to identify it to those patterns of behavior. Hmm, we're onto something here guys.

Jani Roberts:

We are on to something. So you know it. It's the thoughts. It's the beliefs, it's the patterns of behavior, you got this, you're on track with it, do the work, don't procrastinate. Don't blow it off. You deserve everything you want. And the universe is trying to bring it to you. But you got to do the work so that you can receive it so you can identify it when it's right in front of your face. There's no doubt in my mind that you can experience more of what you want, and less of what you don't bring on the alignment. I look forward to talking to you guys next week. This was excellent. Do the work I know you will. And never forget life is supposed to be good for you. That's a wrap for today. We're out peace.